Contacting me....
If you wanna contact me over e-mail, use: avance70 *at*
If you have ICQ, my number is: 27101628
If you play starcraft somewhere between 10 and 15 bnet time, my nick is: ~AA~Avance

Thanks to I were able to send a few of my songs made in Fast Tracker to internet.
This is the page of my clan that I have been in the past year.
The best program for searching, downloading and chatting about MP3s. Very good search engine.
One of the best pages about starcraft with lots of tactics and strategies.
A very good page devoted to Quick Basic. Check out the Future.Library there.
Another good page about starcraft. Very good downloads and tutorials.
The creators of Quick Basic :) I think you all know what microsoft is.
The creators of starcraft, as well as brood war, diablo and such.
This is a page made by one of my friend from the class. It contains a few nice things.
If you are a Star Trek fan like me, you will find this page very interesting.