Keep Up song meanings


This song was meant to be humoristic in a way: "....i hate violence.... blood all over the place....", but it came out how it came out :)

Every Day

After you read the lyrics you might think that I have a boring life and that I pray for it to change.... hopefully, that's not right.... my life isn't boring, and also, I never pray :) . I wrote the lyrics when I had some trouble in school, and I wanted it to change, but I didn't want to be so direct with the lyrics.

Move Your Body

First off - I made up this song title before I heard any of the songs that have the same name (Eiffel 45?), well I didn't have to say this, 'cause when you listen to this song you'll see it's completely different. The lyrics of the song are a simple invitation to a dance.... as I said, it's simple: "....just move your body here....".

Just Same

Lyrics write about different things. One is that I have some problems remembering names. I say: " high was my aim....", like I was trying to do something special.... instead of just trying to remember a name :) . The second topic is love. Excrepts: "....we should keep the distance.... but I can't live in decline.... you say take a look around.... everyone looks the same.... something's wrong.... you're so f*cking wrong....". I think it's pretty clear.


A song devoted to one person that I really like and that I don't want to get out of my life.

My Troath is Inflamed

This song describes three different situations.... each describing certain events that end up with a same conclusion: "....some other things that I can't name, 'cause my troath is inflamed...."; "....give me back my water, 'cause my troath is inflamed...."; "....I won't make a sound, 'cause my troath is inflamed....". I really like the vibe of the song :). Inspired by "Pay the Man" by "Offspring"


The song's lyrics were originally ment to be a message not to pollute the enviroment.... but I screwed it all up and it's now completely different - there's nothing more that could be done to save the enviroment from polluting, so: "....skies - goodbye!....".

Retrospective One

This song is consisted of three parts, each containing different melodies from the older songs I made in the past several years. I hope that my fourth CD will have a song called retrospective two :) . The lyrics. "....someone someday will try to make you see or realize....", the expressions "make you see" and "realize" actually do not have the same meaning 'cause I meant "make you see" as "force you see", but it was harder to sing "force" rather than "make" :) . Lyrics go on: "....that the only person that you love, it the one that you despise....". These two toghether mean - someone, someday will want to take the person you like away from you, and that someone will do it by manipulating you by saying that that person actually don't like (despise) you. The second part of the lyrics have the meaning that if it works (someone takes away the person you like) you will be devastated and you'll want to pray so hard that you'll try to reach the stars with your hands - and if you do that: "....the blood cells in your veins begin to crystalize...."

AA Theme

This song is a theme song for alternate army.

We Were in Love to do it

The lyrics are very direct and easy to understand, this is a love song.

Keep Up With Me

I named the album "Keep Up". 'cause I want other people (and groups) to make "good" music as fast as I do - I made three CDs in just a year. The actual song has a different meaning. It's saying that I'm a selfish person when it comes to.... maybe not, I don't know, it's about me, not having much luck in love, but trying to hide it, just a thought, perhaps.

They Make Me Shiver

The lyrics are written by Dino Kosich. No other comments.

Outro (Incubus "Drive" Cover)

This is not actually a cover song.... it's a small part from Incubus' song "Drive" that I really like. The song has only an acoustic guitar and the vocals both played and sung by me.