Old Temper (source)

Unfortunately, when I switched to Windows XP, I was unable to continue my work on this game because the Future.Lib, the QBasic and the XP itself are not completely compatibile. You can check out the progres of the New Temper on the other page (made using pure QBasic).

You can download the whole old temper project here. Freeware.

Comments and suggestions are most welcomed.

Main library used: Future.Library

Main Compiler: Microsoft Quick Basic 4.5

Graphics: 640x480x8bit, using 216 colors (rgb: 6x6x6)

Graphics made using Paint Shop Pro 7.04

Sound effects and music played with DS4QB

Internet version (free!) will contain mo3 music tracked with Fast Tracker 2.09

CD version (not free!) will contain CD audio music recorded with Cool Edit Pro 2



Two asteroids collide

Fleet management menu

Asteroid info



Real-time 4x space strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate)

Turn-based RPG combat

Game play terrain is a lively part of a asteroid belt (all asteroids are constantly moving)

3 + 1 different races: Kaled Zileas Houri and Vamp

Kaled are technological race, using technologies such as weapon enhancing with kinetic attacks

Zileas are organic race, using psychic jamming capabilities with active weapons

Houri are energy based race, using technologies such as shielding with stream weapons

Vamp race are asteroid belt's energy source's natives and will not have similar game play as the above races (no base establishing, mainly RPG)



Questions, info about game: avance70 *at* hotmail.com