a little about me

Baby me with my own invention

In highschool - eating God knows what

My real name is Sasha Vukelich
I was born at 21 01 1983 in Banjaluka
(Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska)

First live performance with the band Slapstick

My family: Dad (up left) Mom (down left) Bro (right)

The Basic Language 
From the first day I was born
I was in touch with computers
Of course
I didn't have a PC then
but a ZX Spectrum
(it might ring a bell to older users)
Then I moved to Commodore 64
where I learned to write programs in Basic
When I got my first PC it was a 386
I didn't have much games
so I entertained myself with QBasic 1.1
(hell, it was a product by Microsoft!)
and started making my first games
that resembled to something
As I moved on
(486 Pentium Pentium II Athlon and now Pentium IV 2.4)
I learned Basic more and I played games more
thanks to Future.Library
I'm able to make all kinds of games

Trees at one of my countrysides

The Sun shining through those same trees

The Music
But the thing that occupies most of my time lately
is 'tracking'
making music on my computer
with a program called fasttracker
I always liked to make music with tracker programs
since ~1994 when I got my first one
but it was never serious nor good as it is starting ~2001
(well at least I hope it's good and I AM serious :)

Tuning a bass guitar

My 18. birthday

The Accidents
I had two big accidents in my life

1) I was hit by a bus
lost conscience for
as I recall half an hour
Nothing else serious happened to me
but the bus lost his front bumper :)

2) I was hit by a motor while I was on my bicycle
again nothing happened to me
I lost conscience for a second
but my bicycle was completely crushed.

My girlfriend & me

Fishes in Vrbas

The... Some Other Things
1) As far as I can remember
I never won a bet
but besides that I'm a very lucky person :)

2) I'm a Star Trek & X-Files fan
generally SF fan
but I like any good movie
also generally a Alternative Rock fan
but then again I like any good song

3) I'm not very good in school
by marks of course
but I am not the worst

4) My IQ is >156
that's <1% of population
Tesed officialy by MENSA

5) Don't be confused about the 3) and 4)
inteligence and learning don't go together
(read: iím lazy!!)

6) My lucky numbers are 7 3 17 14
and I'm a proud aquarius

River Vrbas that flows through my town

The Sun darkening taken at 11 08 1999

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