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You can send me a e-mail
with any kind of comments & suggestions

The same mail I use for MSN Messenger

If you want
you can even send me a real mail
(though I think it will cost you a lot more)

Bosnia & Hercegovina
78000 Banjaluka
Ranka Sipke 80d
Sasha (Zoran) Vukelic

useful links
The best program P2P program there is
You can even download
episodes of your favourite series!
A big portal for Overnet
and similar clients
A very good page devoted to Quick Basic
Check out the Future.Library there
The creators of Quick Basic :)
I think yall know what Microsoft is all about
This is a page made by one of my friend
from the class
It contains a few nice things
Did you even know that this page exists?
I once tried it and look what I found
Wallpaper sized pictures of
all your favourite speedy cars
Its a comprehensive database
Convert any kind of money into any kind of money
This page features *all* currencies there are
even my own KM
The creators of Starcraft & Warcraft
also Diablo and such
If you are a Star Trek fan like me
you will find this page very interesting

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