quick basic projects


current projects

I'm currently working on two games

Temper is a space strategy game
that's very simple
and should be very fun

Ships! is a space ship duel game
except for the fact that there are three ships
in a free for all combat

Games are in pure QB45 / FreeBASIC
thus compatibile even with XP

finished games

Dynamic is a up-down scrolling
space combat game
(eg like Raptor)
with a few interesting twists

Rewex 3 is the typical Pong game
two plates and one ball
that has a mind of it's own
shooting included

Oldie is a simple precision shooting game
two players
buying and destroying
each others' cubes

Cheater is a guess-a-number game
but the computer cheats a bit
source code provided with the game

All the games are written in QB45
some using Future.Library
unfortunately designed for Windows 98


Contact me
if you have any comments or suggestions

Check out the aborted temper project
free source code included

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